Probate Administration

Regrettably, we are NOT offering probate services to new clients at this time (due to the limited availability of our attorney).  Probate services are only offered to existing clients, upon further consultation with our attorney.

When a loved one passes, administering his or her estate can feel overwhelming. If you have been appointed the Executor (or “Personal Representative”), however, we can support you with your duties. Administration of an estate is complex, but we can make the process clearer and easier to navigate.

Estate administration is the process of handling a decedent's estate with the oversight of the Probate Court. The Executor is charged with the tasks and numerous responsibilities of probating the estate.

We assist with small estate administration, formal probate proceedings, ancillary estate administrations, and trust administration and settlement. We ensure that your affairs are professionally managed, without the headache.

Duties assigned to the Executor include:

  • Timely filing paperwork with the Probate Court
  • Submitting or “probating” the Will to prove its authenticity
  • Marshalling the assets and taking inventory of the estate assets
  • Interpreting the terms of the Will
  • Providing notices to creditors and barring creditor claims
  • Negotiating the claims of creditors
  • Paying creditors
  • Distributing the remaining assets to Beneficiaries
  • Handling taxes of the decedent
  • Analyzing any post-mortem (or “after death”) planning opportunities