Estate Planning

We provide legal services in estate planning to families living in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Laura C. Rivers, J.D., LL.M. is an estate planning lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina

Life and Legacy Planning.


"Laura was extremely helpful and thorough throughout the estate planning process. Discussing these topics is never easy, but Laura made us feel comfortable and at ease with our decisions. She was never pushy or imposing of her own ideas on us. The entire process was well organized and we were made to feel that we had a very personalized experience."

Greg R. DelBene

Welcome to Rivers Law! We believe in delivering value, quality service, and an all-around positive experience from the first phone call to the last meeting. Our attorney, Laura C. Rivers, J.D., LL.M., provides estate planning, probate, and related legal services to families living in North Carolina and South Carolina. If you are ready to get your estate planning started, please email Laura for more information.

Protect you and your loved ones
now and forever by preparing
your comprehensive estate plan.

After losing a loved one, let us handle
the probate process to ensure the
estate is properly administered.  (For existing clients only.)

If there is a trust, Laura C. Rivers will
help you deal with trust assets and
carry out your fiduciary duties.

Own a business? 
Laura C. Rivers provides legal services
to keep your business running.


Before hiring an attorney, we want you to know what makes us different.

  1. We implement flat-rate pricing. No one likes a surprise. And, neither do we. That’s why our legal fees are quoted in a single, flat rate. Our flat-rate pricing encourages you to contact us as much as you want. This enables us to answer all your questions. It also ensures your estate planning documents accurately reflect your wishes.

  3. We listen. And, then we listen some more. We like to get to know you as a person. We are eager to learn more about your family, jobs, hobbies, and travel plans. We want to hear about your concerns and what would make you feel more secure in your life. This, in turn, helps us better plan for you.

  5. We are engaged. Our relationship is not the traditional, impersonal attorney-client relationship. We are engaged in conversation, continuous contact, and friendship with you. Our level of engagement fosters thought-provoking dialogue between us and our clients.

  7. We make the planning process easy and painless. We even make it fun! From the initial client consultation, called the “Life and Legacy Planning Session,” to the signing, we take as much of the load off you as possible, while still making sure your plan is exactly what you want. We have carefully crafted our estate planning process to be extremely personal, organized, and actually enjoyable.

  9. We are focused on your experience. Consider the old way of doing things: Joe meets with an attorney, once at the attorney’s office, and once again to sign a bunch of papers. Joe doesn’t really know what he is signing. However, the attorney sounds impressively knowledgeable, so he goes along with it. Joe is presented with a legal bill that is higher than he had expected because the lawyer charges by the hour, and apparently everything took longer. Joe shoves a binder on his shelf and never thinks about estate planning again. Binder gets dusty. Joe is given a false sense of security that he has done what he needed to do.

    Now, consider the new way of doing things: Amelia is referred to Rivers Law by a trusted financial advisor. Amelia is connected to Laura by email, where she then receives a comprehensive Fee Schedule and Client Intake Form to prepare for the initial client consultation called the “Life and Legacy Planning Session,” held from the convenience of her home via Zoom. During her meeting with Laura, she feels she has found an attorney who will take the time to explain her options to her and create a plan which accurately reflects her wishes. After the meeting, Amelia and Laura communicate via a secure online Client Portal, and Amelia even receives a link to a personalized explanatory video that she can watch on her own time. For the second meeting, Amelia meets at Laura's office, this time in-person, to properly sign her documents. Amelia is warmly greeted by the receptionist before being seated in a beautiful conference room. She understands what she will be signing. The legal invoice is exactly what she expected. In the end, Amelia gains peace of mind and feels confident that Laura will be her trusted advisor throughout the seasons of her life. Now for the legal disclaimer: your experience may be different from Joe's experience or Amelia's experience .


  11. We are a One-Stop Shop. After helping hundreds of people, we can properly address any kind of situation presented to us. We can help you plan for minor children, adult children, blended families in second marriages, tax minimization, asset protection, incapacity planning, and everything in between. No matter what your situation is, we are here to help you.
Minor Child Guardianship